Minecraft: Java Edition

Why choose us?

BMGHosting was created with you in mind. After going through many different hosts we came to the conclusion that no other host could offer the service that we do at such an affordable price. We have a large amount of experience with Minecraft after years of us running our own servers for ourselves and friends which we will be able to put to use helping you!

How much RAM do I need?

The amount of RAM you need is dependent on many different variables, we are here to help you decide what you need! You can also easily upgrade and downgrade the amount of RAM you purchase whenever you want.

RAM Usage
1GB Proxy
2GB Small Private Server (1.12.2 or below)
3GB Small Private Server
4GB Small Community (1.16 or below)
6GB Small Modpack
7GB Small Community (1.17 or above)
8GB Large Community
12GB Large Modpack
16GB Huge Modpack
24GB Ungodly Modpack

*This can still vary depending on plugins, mods, slots, version, etc. Use this purely as a guide.

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Slots and Pricing

RAM Price
1GB $4
2GB $8
3GB $12
4GB $16
6GB $24
7GB $28
8GB $32
12GB $48
16GB $64
24GB $96

*All prices shown are monthly

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Our Commitment

BMGHosting was formed by 2 different gaming communities as we wanted high quality gaming servers for affordable pricing that we weren't able to find anywhere else.