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About BMGHosting

BMGHosting was formed by two members of the Holdfast Community who wanted high quality servers for their Holdfast Events. Today we still run multiple events in Holdfast, and host a lot of the Linebattles which occur throughout the week on our servers! We are known as the go to Holdfast Server Host for most of the community due to our exceptionally high standards for our servers. We took what we had learned from hosting Holdfast servers to expand BMGHosting into other games such as Valheim, Minecraft, Rust, 7 Days to Die, and others which you can find on our Services Page. We are gamers ourselves, and understand that laggy servers can be a pain! 

When we first started we decided that we wanted to handle support a bit differently. Ticket systems are not as fluid as we like, and live chats aren't as indepth for what we need to handle support. From when we started, and until now we handle all of our support through our Discord Server! This allows us to have easy conversations with all our customers, in private channels, or ask members of our Discord server who are willing to help you!

Partners and Sponsorships

EU Competitive Holdfast

BMGHosting provides the EU Holdfast Competitive league with all of their servers which the events happen on for over the last year.

8thLR - Holdfast Community

"The 8th Life Regiment is a Prussian Regiment in the game Holdfast: Nations At War that is casual but also competitive when it comes to intense battles. We participate in events daily with no activity requirements. You can find us playing other games as well such as Arma 3, Hearts of Iron 4, and many more. We cater to all regions including Europe and North America so you are always welcome here."

NA Competitive Holdfast

BMGHosting provides the NA Holdfast Competitive league with all of their servers which the events happen on for over the last year.

Interested in a sponsorship or partnership? Create a ticket on our Discord Server!

Frequently Asked Questions


What locations do you offer?

We currently offer 3 locations in Europe and North America, we are looking to expand this list in the future, if there is somewhere specific you are looking for we can look into it if you let us know on our Discord!

🌎 New York, United States.
🌎 St. Louis, United States.
🌍 Nuremburg, Germany.
🌍 London, United Kingdom.

How long does it take to get my server?

As soon as we receive payment your server will begin it's setup process. Your account will be created on our panel, you will receive an email to setup your password, and your server will begin to install. After that it is entirely depending on Steam servers for how long it takes to install, but it doesn't usually take very long.

Can we put our server into beta?

We allow you to easily change your server version to a beta version as long as the game supports it. You will be able to do this in the Startup Tab.

Can I just rent a server for 1 month?

Of course! Just cancel towards the end of the month, if you forget to cancel after your first month we'll understand and refund it, don't worry!

What panel do you use?

We use Pterodactyl as we can easily change this panel to exactly what we need, and is a lot more flexible than other panels on the market.

Where can I get support at?

We provide all support through our Discord! If you need any help with pre-sales questions, game server issues, etc. Please create a ticket on our Discord server or ask our community!

What specificiations do you use for your servers?

We use a variety of CPUs for our servers including 3700x's, 9700k's, 9900k's, and 10900k's. We have made sure that all games running on these servers worked perfectly for you! If you wish to know which CPU your server is running on just ask us in our Discord!

Can we use SFTP to access our server files?

Of course you can! All of our servers support you accessing your server files through SFTP!


What payment options do you support?

Currently we support PayPal and Stripe!

If you need a different payment option then just ask us and we can see what we can do!

Can we get a discount?

We provide discounts on bulk orders and on quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Annual purchases. You can see these when purchasing your server on our billing system.

Quarterly: 5%
Bi-Annual: 10%
Annual: 15%

What is your refund policy?

We provide all of our customers with a 3 Day Refund Policy. If you are unhappy with your server after the 3 days, then please just request a refund on our Discord and we will get that sorted for you.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my server?

You can upgrade/downgrade your server in our Billing System where you can choose additional RAM upgrades, slots, etc.

Do you offer clan pay?

We currently do not offer such a feature, but we are looking into it!


Do you support mods?

Of course we do! What good hosting company wouldn't?

Can we use our server for naval battles?

Absolutely you can! BMGHosting hosted the servers for the largest naval event in Holdfast and they ran great!

Should I choose 60 FPS or 120 FPS?

60 FPS: Best used for training servers, etc.
120 FPS: Best used for linebattles, competitive play, etc.

What is the difference between your Basic and Advanced option?

If you are new to running Holdfast servers then we would advise you choose our basic option. However if you already have experience then choose the advanced option.

Basic just adds a lot more Startup options so you can easily change them on the fly instead of editing your config. Advanced removes these startup options and you have to change it in your config file.


Do your servers support ValheimPlus and UMod?

Of course we do! You can select these options when ordering the server, or ask us to change the game version for you in a support ticket!

Can I transfer my world to your servers?

Absolutely you can use our guide here!


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Our Commitment

BMGHosting was formed by 2 different gaming communities as we wanted high quality gaming servers for affordable pricing that we weren't able to find anywhere else.