Battle Cry of Freedom

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Why choose us?

BMGHosting was created with you in mind. After going through many different hosts we came to the conclusion that no other host could offer the service that we do at such an affordable price. We have a large amount of experience running our own servers for ourselves and friends which we will be able to put to use helping you!

Basic Vs Advanced

Basic and Advanced just change how you setup your server. We advise anyone who doesn't have much experience setting up servers to use the basic method. This allows you to change the server name, welcome message, passwords, etc. in a really simple to use page that will automatically edit the config which you have selected in the startup tab.

If you are planning on switching your configs a lot, which all have different server names, passwords, etc. then we suggest you choose the advanced option. This will not give you access to anything changeable in the startup tab, besides which config the server reads and you will have to change everything in the config file itself. This is generally best for people who have a fair bit of experience with editing config files.

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Slots and Pricing

Slots Price
50 $5.00
100 $9.70
150 $14.25
200 $18.60
250 $22.75
300 $26.70
400 $34.00
500 $42.50



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Our Commitment

BMGHosting was formed by 2 different gaming communities as we wanted high quality gaming servers for affordable pricing that we weren't able to find anywhere else.