Holdfast: Nations at War

Why choose us?

BMG Hosting was created with Holdfast in mind. After going through many different hosts we came to the conclusion that no other host could offer the service that we do at such an affordable price. We also have knowledge with Holdfast servers as we've been running our own events for a long time, and without a doubt we think that running our events at 120 FPS creates a much better experience than 60 FPS!

60 FPS vs 120 FPS

We are proud that we are able to offer 120 FPS option for our servers unlike many other hosts. But why should you get 120 FPS? Simple! For events it makes everything so much smoother and more enjoyable to play! It makes melee a lot more responsive for example. We advise that for private events and competitive events that you use 120 FPS servers while for training servers 60 FPS is enough!

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FPS and Pricing

Slots 60 FPS 120 FPS
10 $3 $4
20 $6 $7
40 $9 $12
50 $13 $16
60 $16 $21
80 $18 $23
100 $20 $25
150 $25 $30
180 $27 $32
200 $30 $35

*All prices are monthly

Holdfast Server: 60 FPS

Holdfast Server: 120 FPS

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Our Commitment

BMGHosting was formed by 2 different gaming communities as we wanted high quality gaming servers for affordable pricing that we weren't able to find anywhere else.